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Due to Covid 19
W Hourston Jewellers & Starlings are closing temporarily today, 23rd March at 4pm until further notice.

The health of our staff, customers & the wider community of Orkney is of the highest importance to us.

HOWEVER we are still contactable & continuing to TRADE through our social media sites Facebook & Instagram and using our temporary closure to refresh our online website.

We are here & delighted to help with any gift requirements for birthdays, anniversaries.
Please message or call +44 7712 088958 and we will be in touch to get card payment & delivery details.

The amazing support & kind words received from our lovely customers has been heartwarming at this difficult time and we look forward to continuing to be here for the Orkney community.

Take care & stay safe at home everyone

Best wishes from us all at
W Hourston Jewellers & Starlings

Have a look inside: Drag the picture below to browse around the inside of our shop.

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