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Welcome to the W Hourston Jeweller website where you can view a sample of our extensive range of quality jewellery, watches and innovative gifts.

When you are browsing Kirkwall gift shops for inspiration, the choice at Hourston’s is distinctive and the staff are knowledgeable. Award winning displays of exclusive gold and local silver jewellery. If you’re shopping for something which shows you care – Hourstons is the place. Browse in peace, then bask in the kind of attention that’s a fond memory in most places.

We not only offer high quality gift lines but very much endeavour to provide the highest standard of service as soon as you enter our store. Our knowledgeable staff are there to assist you towards the right purchase.

Our in-store engraving service can personalise your gift with an inscription (where possible) and provide a complimentary gift wrap of your purchase.

At least 4 times a year, we attend the major British Trade Shows thus being able to buy and bring to Orkney the most up to date jewellery and innovative gifts.

Have a look inside: Drag the picture below to browse around the inside of our shop.

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