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Fashion Jewellery

Colourful, fun and funky fashion jewellery is a further temptation at Hourston Jewellers with prices to suit all. It is like being in a sweetie shop were one piece of jewellery simply won’t do, you will be tempted by all the fabulous colours. Something to match any outfit or simply to brighten your day!

Colourful fashion & contemporary stainless steel jewellery by

  • Watch this space
  • Jackie brazil
  • Fossil
  • DKNY
  • Esprit for men

Watch this space is our very popular fun, funky colourful jewellery selected to brighten up everyones day!

Fossil and DKNY branded jewellery collections are stylish, contemporary designs made from stainless steel.

Esprit is an exclusive brand dedicated to gents stainless steel jewellery of rings, wrist-wear, chains and pendants.

Jackie Brazil jewellery items are handmade, colourful, cool and modern pieces of Brazilian art, created by its native designer Sobral. Each piece is produced from acrylic resin utilising slices, cylinders, cubes, rectangles and rounds. Look closely, you will always find a different design or colour, making  each item unique.   Absolutely stunning statement jewellery, which are bang on trend!

Ciclon jewellery is a new brand with a philosophy based on quality, design and creativity. Chunky and individual mixed metal jewellery pieces manufactured entirely in Ciclón’s facilities in Madrid, Spain.